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Vanessa, 31 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Tushar Barhate, 34 years old, Kalyan, India
Margaret, 33 years old, Paris, France
alex, 30 years old, Ivanovo, Russia
Newton, 30 years old, Madrid, Colombia
tiho, 40 years old, Zagreb, Croatia
Sophia, 33 years old, Berlin, Germany
Michelle, 31 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Ethel, 33 years old, Paris, France
Lindsay, 32 years old, Berlin, Germany
Frédéric Deschamps, 47 years old, Angers, France
Abel, 27 years old, Sydney, Australia
John, 30 years old, Ikeja, Nigeria
huangweimin, 52 years old, Shanghai, China
Jozsko, 32 years old, L’govskiy, Russia
Aram, 33 years old, Gyumri, Armenia
Audrey, 37 years old, Paris, France
fdsfdgdgdfgfd, 25 years old, Istanbul, Turkey
Daniel, 32 years old, Trollhattan, Sweden
Yvonne, 22 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Alex Holmes, 26 years old, Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
KayTest, 78 years old, Salisbury, USA
Alister, 30 years old, Madrid, Colombia
cinny, 38 years old, Annaba, Algeria
Dominic, 28 years old, Paris, France
Ali, 23 years old, Catumbela, Angola
Endy Edeson, 33 years old, Ikeja, Nigeria
Alexander, 36 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
chii, 45 years old, Owerri, Nigeria
Albert, 35 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Frederica, 33 years old, Straight, Woman 0 1

33 years old Straight

Elvis, 24 years old, Bisexual, Man 0 1

24 years old Bisexual

Broderick, 34 years old, Lesbian / Gay, Man 0 0

34 years old Lesbian / Gay

Ethel, 33 years old, Woman 0 0

33 years old

Yvonne, 22 years old, Bisexual, Woman 0 0

22 years old Bisexual

Lindsay, 32 years old, Lesbian / Gay, Woman 0 1

32 years old Lesbian / Gay